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Multivitamin Distribution Program

Free Folic Acid for Women of Childbearing Age

In 2010, The North Carolina (NC) General Assembly provided funding for the statewide distribution of multivitamins with folic acid to non-pregnant women with low income of childbearing potential to help prevent birth defects.

The NC Division of Public Health and the NC Chapter of the March of Dimes Foundation partnered to provide multivitamins through health departments and other safety net providers.

The MVI distribution program includes the purchase (at no cost to the requestor) and distribution of multivitamins, training for the local health department and community health center staff, and technical assistance for participating agencies as they set up this program.

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Routine Checkup

Multivitamin Distribution Training

The online tool kit supports health departments, community health centers, and other safety-net clinics that are participating in the statewide multivitamin distribution program. Here you’ll find important information about the program, as well as training. Start your training here!

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