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2020-2021 Ready for Life NC Highlights

The Covid-19 pandemic started as a frightening ordeal that shaped our lives and the lives of everyone around us. It was the defining experience that shocked the world and left many with so many questions, concerns, loss, and hardships. Over this past year, as we continue to live through the pandemic, we persist, and have found more way than ever before to stay connected with our loves ones.

March of Dimes, understood that even though we couldn't be with one another side by side, we learned to grow together even though we were far apart. We completed an online walk, raising funds, awareness, and education. We championed March of Dimes volunteers and provided education to 40 individuals providing peer health education to over 60+ counties we serve. We distributed 13,000 multivitamins to health centers, health departments, community-based organizations statewide.

We provided professional education and implicit bias training to health professionals meeting the need, and creating an increased appetite for more learning. We tackled racial health equity, and we will continue to do so as we use the NC DHHS perinatal strategic health plan as our program foundation.

There is so much more, we completed this year, and more to come. Check out our March of Dimes Ready for Life NC Ad and below our WRAL TV segment featuring out Mission Coordinator, Taj Morgan.

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